Nice!!! Now in Singapore you can get rid of being called undecided: Out of The Box company has just launched their surprise new beverages Whatever and Anything. Cans can contain one out of six different flavours and you simply don't know what you'll have for drink. Such a clever idea! I loved the media campaigns developed for the launching. I also found great their pre-launch site.


Just found! Acrylic Jewellery by Kyo Hashimoto, Australian jewellery designer. She has a great amount of really astonishingly beautiful pieces on her blog, like these earrings and pendants. She sells online and through stores in Japan and Australia.

Sustainable Bags!

Susan Bijl's New Shopping Bags: sustainable everyday-bags made of resistant nylon to go around shopping without hurting the environment. Now you can save money on plastic or paper bags at grocery shops and stand out with these stylish and fashionable pieces.


Frugal Fashion

One of these days I was browsing through blogs and found myself at Frugal-Fashionista. The idea is real simple, yet very interesting: you can have a celebrity's look without going completely bankrupt. She has suggestions for a lot of artist's looks and some really look quite the same. Worth a visit.

Going Dutch!

Milk bottle lamps!!

Droog Design. This is the keyword to design trends, innovation and creativity. Mark my words, these guys are going to be even a bigger hit. Here you can see some stuff they have developed already. The largest part of their production wants the user to take part in creating or modifying the objects themselves.

Bike straps used as shoe holders...

Cute little mats!
Do hit! Create your own sculpture with a metal box and a hammer.


Château de Villandry

If you have seen my post on Charles de Gaulle and are already planning a trip to France, don't miss the beautiful castles on the Loire Valley. I find Villandry one of the prettiest, specially because of its well-manicured gardens. Here you can take a peek on how they look throughout the seasons...



I love illustrations with mixed techniques. While browsing through Flickr I found the works of Cristina Flor-de-Sol, from Portugal. She has beautiful illustrations of women, cats and flowers. I found these really cute...


This is sure going to be a hit: Moo MiniCards are small business cards printed on both sides; on one side you put your name, contacts, etc, and on the other side they print pics from your flickr, fotolog or other online photo account, creating unique pieces of design for you to give away the next time you meet someone. Awesome! They accept credit card and paypal and ship worldwide! People are already beginning to swap cards as collectibles at Moo Card Traders... soon you'll be having yours!


Not to be eaten!

Soapsicles, as Debbie Chialtas, owner of Soapylove, describes it. Really cute! And, of course, not to be eaten... The way she masters soap making has really fascinated me, since she is able to create really intricate pieces and make them look astonishingly beautiful!Soapylove has a site and a corner at etsy, being today's featured seller.

Golden Eggs

Here in Brazil it's beginning to get cold, so time is coming for us, devoted chocolate eaters, to go over some special jewels of chocolate producers... Today Chocolat du Jour is featuring our food section! The Brazilian chocolate factory was founded in 1987, when the owners went to Europe searching for the secrets of truffles. It is now one of the best chocolate producers in Brazil, with sweets to die for... and they are not just delicious, but also look great!
I just love them!

El Bulli

mini-asparagus with deconstructed mayonnaise

Ever since I heard for the first time from El Bulli I've been dying to go there. In 2006 it was chosen top #1 restaurant in the world by The Restaurant Magazine, with critics from over 500 specialists. Ferran Adrià was also elected #1 from the Ten Most Influential Chefs of the Last Ten Years at the Madrid Fusión Conference, 2006. The restaurant is already fully booked for this season 2007, before they close and go back to developing next season's menu. They have written the "Synthesis of our cusine", summing up in 23 items the basis of their work. It is surely worth reading. You can also take a closer look of some of the dishes served at El Bulli in the past years right here. Wow!

giant ravioli with chanterelles and blackcurrants

lotus flower chips

condensed milk cookie

Focus on this!

Fokus Fabrik, in Finland, has an adorable collection of urban, up to date, 100% cotton hand printed fabrics. The motifs vary from nature concepts to street scenes, such as the ones shown here.
They have been used to develop a series of bags available at Rare Device.



Grow some plants on your desk with Egglings, these cute egg-shaped ceramic pots just by adding some water! I want one of those has four plant types to choose from: basil, mint, phlox and chrysanthemums. So now you can have your own plant pet right at your desk... or kitchen, perhaps. Enjoy!

Charles de Gaulle

Have you ever been to Charles de Gaulle Airport in France? If not, this is surely your next stop... beautiful architecture, well-planned lighting, cute and clean visual communication. Not to miss on your next trip to Europe!


Monkey Business

I really love babies, but I can't help thinking sometimes they could be more stylish... so check this out: I found these cute little items and couldn't help but posting them! Megan has a shop on etsy with some of these cuties!
I also found some cute onesies at Urban Babies Wear Black.

Cat typing

I once worked at an architecture office where the owners had a cat.
She used to sleep over my computer monitor and sometimes ruined my whole day's work walking over the keyboard when I wasn't watching.
Kitty Keyboard Kover was designed for people with the same problems I had... You can now work on a cat-free keyboard, not having to worry about you little feline friend. Worth some laughs!

Little Birds

I fell in love with Stephanie's Little Birds right from the moment I saw her work. It is so delicate and filled with passion that I had to show here...
She has these cute handmade mushrooms, pine cones and bunnies that are simply irresistible!
And, although it happens to be pink and not yello... I also loved the hippo!


Asian Mood

Joom has the cutest pillows with Asian motifs. As birds and silhouettes are a big hit on today's trends, don't miss the opportunity to take a look at such wonderful works.
I also happen to be crazy about agapanthus, another illustration featured on some of these pieces. They are available in a great range of colours and have a very distinct look. So lovely!


Soap... why does it have to be boring? Here in São Paulo, Brazil, a brand named Ducha (shower, in Portuguese) has launched cute little soap bars and shower accessories, making bathing a much more designer-full experience.

Not to mention that these are not only good looking, but also smell fantastic!
My favourite yet is the erva-cidreira (lemon grass) liquid soap... gotta have!


b. e. a. u. t. i. f. u. l.

Lisa Solomon is a true artist. She had the incredibly sweet idea of sewing into paint charts, creating this marvellous works of art. Just had to post these...
b. e. a. u. t. i. f. u. l.!

Got hurt?

A bit kitschy, somewhat strange... but quite fun, though! These weird-looking bandages could at least make you have a couple of laughs after a not-so-serious bruise. You can find them here at Sprout Home. Have fun!

Tsk Tsk...

Today I bumped into this great Australian artist, illustrator and also blogger, Tiel Seivl-Keevers. She keeps a TskTsk and has a lot of interesting works being sold at etsy. I found some nice pieces with Russian influence, specially this one featured above. I also liked a lot these two birds, also available at etsy.


Cute & Clever

Still on special dates, invitations and announcements, bumble inc has a creative and very clever approach: I found some nice stuff you also might like to see, always complemented with clean design, guaranteeing to impress your loved ones...

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