Easter is comming...

I must confess I was getting quite bored with Easter eggs in the past years, but this one from Anusha, a lovely chocolate patisserie in São Paulo, Brazil, really caught my eye. It's a chocolate + lemon grass egg!

Now, what I'm fond of at Anusha is this cozy parisian café looks alongside their well-brewed coffee and nice bites to eat. A great place to spend hours drinking a cup of tea and sharing stories with your loved one. Highly recommended!


Urban Barroque

Dawanda has some wonderful handmade fashion accessoires such as this silk-screened barroque-inspired chandelier scarf and golden owl printed one. Both of them are from Pretty Raccoon's Toronto based shop.
Besides those, she still has lovely tops and totes on her site... I just wanna have them all...!!



To make my new fish company I was browsing through some handmade craft pieces at Dawanda.
I found this beautiful rubberstamp handprinted card from Stuttgart based Tinee Häcker's shop named Sieben Morgen available here.
I just couldn't help posting some more of her lovely handmade illustration cards and collages!


New friends!

Hi, people!
I just got some new friends from aBowman which I encourage you to feed: super-cute Koi fish right at my new pond... lovely!


Chaming pieces!

Tilly Bloom's shop at Etsy has lots of lovely pieces for sale, featuring pendants, brooches, earrings, bracelets and so on...

Her drawings look very much like the works of Fornasetti...

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