Recycled Bottles & Fun Coasters

More into sustainable stuff: recycled bottles become vases and glasses in the hands of qualified artists. Both pieces were found at Elsewares, a nice place to dig up hype new artists and unique designer pieces.

Also found there these fun coasters and this sun jar, with solar-powered cell and rechargeable battery!!!


Interactive Calendar

I always liked the idea of an interactive calendar. From the German Adventskalender to this children (and adult!) appealing one, people keep on interacting with some of the most interesting things of life: the passage of time.


Breaking the Ice!

Time to break the ice: get to know Ice Hotel, situated in Jukkasjärvi village , 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden.
Made from pure blocks of ice from River Torne, the hotel is entirely built of ice and snow, creating a cozy spot in the middle of a harsh winter. Temperature? Around -5 °C to -8 °C... real warm, compared to outside... You get to sleep on a special bed built of snow and ice, on reindeer skins.

Crystal clear? Ready to book your stay?


Japanese Inspiration

Flavia Sakai worked with me for some time when I was at the Brazilian Four Wheels Magazine. She has an interesting Japanese-inspired collection of stationery pieces, like this cute agenda and obi notebooks. Enjoy!



Crazy new stuff to tell all your friends about: iPhoney is a tool made for designers to simulate how their web pages will look on the real thing. Be prepared and check your web creations on the software before launching!



I'm so in love with this shop!!!!!
Cute little stuff, made with all the care and love... paper cuts and collages, cards, serigraph, garlands... I want them all!!!
By the way, checking out their blog also helps to polish some rusty French... gotta see!

Urban Cushions

Get some urban look inside your house with these great hand printed cushions with maps and urban motifs from Amanda Jean's Etsy shop.


Sea stuff

It's so amazing what you can create with a ball of yarn and some creativity. Jessica Polka, whose dream is to become a biologist, used her talent to create the amazing sea creatures featured here today. If you'd like to take a deeper look at her work, there's also her blog, Wunderkammer, and her Etsy shop. Enjoy!

That's architecture???

Go talk about it... bad architecture isn't always the architect's fault...
Spotted by an architect friend of mine.


Digital Magazine

I've studied digital magazines last year, and ever since I started looking at them I found out they changed quite a lot. At the beginning they looked like a draft copy of real magazines, with terrible turn-over pages and absolutely no use of web tools such as graphics, video, animation or sound. Today, however, a digital version of People magazine caught my eye. It surely has a lot of stuff still to work on, but is a great advance from what we had before.

Did you like it? Have you already seen anything better? Post a comment here!


Great patterns

Some cute hype fabric designs and patterns to fill your house with can be found here at Hable Construction.They also have stationery pieces, gift tags, tote bags, pillows and other stuff to decorate your home. I'm particularly fond of this fig pattern.


Designers Guild

About five years ago I found myself completely amazed by a simple lavender-blue leather wallet. The piece was one of Designers Guild brilliant works. I had completely forgotten about it until recently, when I found their website. Now, of course, I got all enchanted with their new collection. Take a look at more stationery, home goods, fragrances and accessoires from these gifted designers!

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