Tea time!

Ain't those a beauty? Feeling inspired today!


Beautiful pillows!!

Take a look at what I just found All Modern! It has such interesting things for decorating your home. You can find from designer pieces such as Bertoia Chair and Saarinen's Table to really cute pillows such as these ones. The green one goes really well on a periwinkle couch, and the red one is a sure hit on a beige one.

I also love this olive-brown here! Hope they get to ship to Brazil soon!!


Feeling lazy?

It's starting to get somewhat cold here in Brazil, and I bet you a sleeper sofa is something we all have been thinking of.. what about one from CNS Stores? I just found out they have over 200 online stores with items from houseware, home decor, outdoor living and baby, among a lot of others. Check it out!
This really modern white sofa can give your living room a lot of class and style... and in the soon you will se a some pillows ideas to go with it! Don't miss it!


Lovely Blogs!

Check out the new links I just added at "Have you seen?"
Some really cute blogs and tons of inspiration for you all!!

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