Ready to have your own ready-made art at home? Duchamp would be pleased to have some...
Take a look at these cute clever plaques which give an instant museum-look to common household pieces...



I'm so crazy about this blog I just found! maya*made gathers totally cute DIY projects, children project ideas and lovely sewed items. Really inspiring!


What I've been up to...

By this time of the year, I've decided to dedicate some of my time getting in the mood for Christmas, so I bought this book on short stories, The Ecco Book of Christmas Stories, and have been reading it, almost hearing Jingle-Bells... Lovely stories; highly recommended!



Another super-cute T-Shirt design from blindmikey @ RedBubble

"If a cat always lands on it’s feet, and toast always lands butter-side down…"

Thank you!

Lovely gift, Wendy! Thank you soooo much!


Lovely dandelion illustration on these customized T-Shirts from RedBubble.



Simply beautiful photos from Alicia Bock.

Book Forest

Lovely pieces from Japanese +D with animal silhouettes... nice ornament for your book forest, right at home.



This week I've been to Bastian Sick's lecture held at Goethe Institut São Paulo. Sick is the author of "Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod", a book on common mistakes people make while writing or speaking German.
He's a showman; the whole lecture was filled with sharp remarks, such as the common doubt on whether it should be "die" or "das" Nutella... really funny! By the way, don't miss his blog, Zwiebelfisch.

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