Peruvian food goes mainstream

São Paulo, Brazil, is becoming every day a little bit more Peruvian. Since Shimo opened its doors bringing us our first nipo-peruvian restaurant experiences, tastes such as ceviche, pisco and causas became every day closer.
I wouldn't think it is too much saying Peruvian is the new Japanese.

Food is just like fashion today, and no better restaurant to show this than La Mar, covered with wood from flooring to its walls and with very charming blue chairs... I'm just dying to go there!


Play Rethink

I've been to a workshop in São Paulo on this new game called Play Rethink, developed by Lilli Larratea, focused on creating new sustainable design solution for common objects and processes.

New ideas created can be posted on their site, creating an incredible amount of solutions from all over the globe! Nice product to buy for your kids, btw. Players doodle their ideas on sheets such as this one:



Some nice bags from Brazilian-based Miolo, a brand focused on designing lovely bags and sustainable items for daily use. I found them so cute! Ready to compete with another brand I love, New Order.


Paola Abiko

Brazilian designer and fashionist, Paola Abiko is one of the new faces you should keep an eye on. Her work on felt pieces such as keychains, necklaces and wallets has been featured at MOMA! Keep up the great work, Paola!


Hanging around...

I'm pretty fond of these prints by John W. Golden, who works with digital art reproducing traditional styles and methods. His art is bold, colorful and would certainly look nice hung on a modern wall...

Do spend some time on his shop at etsy here and on his blog here!


Tweet - Feedback!

Hey! Take a look at this nice "tweet-review" I found about my blog!

"Design bonitinho.. bem europeu... feminino, delicado e porque não dizer frugal.. http://yellohippo.blogspot.com/ :)"

Which could be freely translated as "Cute design...very european (hey! I'm Brazilian!!!)... feminine, delicate and why not to say frugal.. =)

Sweet! Thanks, Luiz!
Check out his tweets (in Portuguese) right here!


Happy Valentine's

All my love from pinkmistindustry's lovely hand-embroidered card...


Styling job!

I've done some house and interior design styling jobs for Ana Maria magazine in Brazil, from Editora Abril publisher. Here are some cute (and not expensive!) wallpapers and wall stickers for your house... lovely, ain't them?

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