New iMac!

Thinner than ever... the new iMac!
Apple apparently said good-bye to their everlasting "white with rounded corners" design and invested in an aluminium look with built-in camera and microphone. Take a look at the site right here.


Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf, an Amsterdam-based fashion brand, has some really interesting stuff. To start with, their shop has some really unique architecture.

1-2-3 Easy Product Ideas!

Check out Fuchs+Funke Industrial Design new pieces! Easy to assemble, with clean concept and structures. Lovable!
Folding Chair & Table


Hier kommt Alex!

"Hey, hier kommt Alex!
Vorhang auf - für seine Horrorschau."
For some time now I've been completely crazy over Die Toten Hosen's "Hier Kommt Alex" song.
I'm really fond of this live version recorded at the Wiener Burgtheater. Since you're at it, don't miss the classic Opel Gang and Helden und Diebe. Excellent for a bit of German listening...

Sustainable Shopping Bags

More into sustainable shopping bags! You've already read about them here, and now there's competition...

According to them, one Baggu bag used for one year replaces 300 to 700 disposable bags, containing from 2 to 3 plastic grocery bags.

The bags are made from strong rip-stop nylon, making them light and compact, ready to put in your purse while going shopping. Do take a look at these fancy and sustainably correct pieces!


Cassette Totes!!

Cute little totes to go on a spending spree... right from One Good Bumblebee!!
Since you're at it, don't miss these sweet test print journals, good to have handy in any occasion.

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