Blowing Whale!

This chalkboard from Suddenly, it's Real is really cute for children... you can even fit a piece of chalk in it's blow hole!!!! Too bad it's already sold out at etsy... but I believe there will be more coming out, huh?

Ah, and I just found this cute pig chalkboard at their site!!



Ah, this one is really interesting! Wordle is a site where you can enter some text or an RSS feed link and it creates a word cloud of the main words used on the material. Check out my word clouds for YelloHippo!!


Mirror, mirror on my bag...

It's always nice to carry around a mirror on your purse, so I would definetly reccomend these adorable ones from Mary Kilvert's shop at Etsy.



Ain't these the loveliest jugs you've ever seen? And what about this bowl? From Ninainvorm's shop based in the Netherlands @ Etsy.

Swedish Floating Gardens

Sooooo romantic! Beautiful floating gardens in a contest in Sweden which happens every August.
Photos from Apartment Therapy.



I'm such a big fan of Alicia Bock's work! I have posted something on her work previously here, remember?

She has just lauched her new photography collection... really worth taking a look at her dreamy, beautiful vintage-looking polaroids, blooming trees and spring themes!



Feeling inspired today? Beautiful pics by Philip Newton.



When winter is over, I'll be dying to find these (or any other national brand with the same flavours, btw!) on the stores... I've already tasted Port Wine and Champagne sorbet, but not from their brand, Wine Cellar... scoops ready, everyone?

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