Cute tissue box covers

Lotta has a lot of cute solutions... just like this tissue box cover! Lovely!


Plastic Wallets and More..

Made of plastic bags collected in the slums of New Delhi, Rag-Bag products are developed in an environmentally friendly way, allowing already 50 so-called rag-pickers to earn a living out of recyclable material.


Lovely stuff!

I just ran into this site (Beaucoup) and guess what... tons of cute stuff!
Wedding favors, candles, cookies and much more. Lovely!


Mini Gardens

Cute little mini zen-gardens with edible plants which grow in 3 days!

You can grow your own clover, cress, lettuce and mustard... projected by B. Vuarnesson and Made in France! How chic!... but unfortunately sold out....



Sooooooooooooooo cute and modern necklaces! Check out at elsewares.

By the way, since you are at it, take a look at this hedgehog cards!


Beautiful Moleskine!

Picassos' Moleskine

Van Gogh's Moleskine

Lovely Moleskines, the cute sketchbooks from artists like Van Gogh and Picasso...
Get real trendy and buy your first one. Then write it up until you get your second one, and so on... lovely!

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