Shakespeare and Company

Can't put it down. In two days it's almost all read...
Jeremy Mercer's Time was soft there is a really great book, filled with passion and the seek for a better world.

Next time I go to Paris, I surely won't be missing Shakespeare and Co.
Strongly recommended!


Sushipot has a great collection of vintage pieces, including pins, magnets and cards... check them out here!

You are here!

Nothing more interesting than the simple obvious... You are here doormat, allows lost people to feel a bit more secure...

Zoo Calendars!

Cute! Giraffe, seal, lion, kangaroo, rhino and porcupine calendars made in Japan to get you happy all year long. You can get yourself one at MCA Store - Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago - right here!



Delicious chocolate coasters! Amni Causa has designed this set of 4 pieces made of rubber compound, eligible for hot or cold drinks. That's great to show friends!


Stuff for kids!

My trip to Switzerland this year was really great! I was just taking a look at the pictures and... take a look! Interesting gifts for kids, this memory game is based on hearing different sounds! Here in Brazil we don't have such stuff around! You can get yourself one at Schweizer Heimatwerk. Some other lovely gifts available, like the grasshopper and the mosaic set.



Lovely trendy sticks from Studio M28, brazilian design group.


Lovely design pieces made by Brazilian designers and artists available at vd'sign.
I'm so in love with all of them!!


Oh Deer!

Nice posters from Keep Calm! Created during WWII, keep calm and carry on posters can still be considered up-to-date!


I couldn't resist!

I just had to post... some more stuff from Port2press.


More cards, calendars and letterpress!
Right from Port2press, lovely handmade prints to order... I love them!
Get to see a lot more from their work here!


Holiday Cards

This might sound a bit early, but season cards are already comming... take a look at some to share with your loved ones! Vertalee's shop at etsy has some to choose from.

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