Birds on Sale!

My lovely birds are now on sale at Elo7, a Brazilian site just like Etsy for handmade products.

Chinese Preserved Sweets!

Have you ever tried one of these very peculiar tasting Chinese sweets?
The first one is made from preserved plums and the second is from olives... interesting tastes!
You can find them right here, at Tang 1968. Yummy!


I'm like a bird!

I am so into the Threadless Project, a site where graphic designers can post illustrations that get voted to become tees! Browsing through the site I found these gorgeous design pieces from Lim Swee. Enjoy!


Jane Austen

Anyone in the mood for Pride and Prejudice?
Lovely Mr. Darcy card to send any of your engaged friends.... from Pearl Marmelade available at Etsy.


Bags and towels!

Keep Calm Gallery just launched new tea towel prints and this one is by far the most hilarious one...
Their sister site, Alphabet Bags has this interesting recession-proof bag.


Blue Hippo Patch

Sooooooooo cute! Blue Hippo handmade patches from Germany @ Lydismodesign shop in Dawanda.
I also fancied these dog ones specially for children's clothing.


L'Occitane Dream Trip Tip

Gosh, I recently found out that L'Occitane has an open tour at their factory for tourists! Ain't that just amazing?
Spending an afternoon checking out how their products are made in the heart of Provence... dreamy!


Peruvian is the new Japanese...

I've finally been to La Mar! What a lovely (and tasty!) experience... All I have to say is that Peruvian food never tasted so Peruvian, yet with a local seasoning. Ceviche correctly served with just the right amount of lemon, onions and rocoto. No so spicy as the real thing in Peru, but seasoned so well that the taste was perfect. Lovely clams, squids, scallops, octopuses and tuna...

Sofisticated yet clean architecture gets mixed with Peruvian music. Well trained waiters are able to explain each dish without hurry, turning each description into a little journey to Lima. Highly recommended and well worth another visit some time soon!!



If you're feeling like a Princess, this lovely bracelet from Sublime Design will do you just fine...
Soooo sweet! Available here @ Etsy.

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