Gift wrapping with style!



Recently d*s featured this ever-so-cute (!) gift wrapping paper from Field Guide Design. It is hand printed and the design is based on hand carved Indian printing blocks, turned into a silkscreen pattern. How lovely is that?



Christmas baubles!!

Oh, I found these Christmas decorations so cute! These baubles are from Gudrun Sjödén's store, total must-have for this season! They are made from papier maché and decorated with enamel, hand-painted in India. Lovely!


Cute mini vases!

Lovely French stlylist Vania Leroy-Thuillier created these sooooo cute vases out of old thread spools. Ain't them just lovely? Great to brighten up our days and fill them with inspiration! (via)


Feeling vintage today?

Are you feeling a little vintage today? What about taking a look at this lovely bedroom vanity collection, where I found this so-cute looking piece!

Such a cute house would be even more charming with some lovely pillows from Etsy's Styled Spaces.

And also with these adorable french script pins from Etsy's Shabby Chic Cottage!



Oh, Gosh, I'm so crazy over these cute hooks from UK based Bombay Duck!
I want them all!!!!


Tea time!

Ain't those a beauty? Feeling inspired today!


Beautiful pillows!!

Take a look at what I just found All Modern! It has such interesting things for decorating your home. You can find from designer pieces such as Bertoia Chair and Saarinen's Table to really cute pillows such as these ones. The green one goes really well on a periwinkle couch, and the red one is a sure hit on a beige one.

I also love this olive-brown here! Hope they get to ship to Brazil soon!!


Feeling lazy?

It's starting to get somewhat cold here in Brazil, and I bet you a sleeper sofa is something we all have been thinking of.. what about one from CNS Stores? I just found out they have over 200 online stores with items from houseware, home decor, outdoor living and baby, among a lot of others. Check it out!
This really modern white sofa can give your living room a lot of class and style... and in the soon you will se a some pillows ideas to go with it! Don't miss it!


Lovely Blogs!

Check out the new links I just added at "Have you seen?"
Some really cute blogs and tons of inspiration for you all!!


Cute little light bulb terrarium!

I found this cute tutorial at The Hipster Home. It is so adorable!
Take some time to learn how to make your own terrarium inside of a light bulb and make the world greener today!



Getting colder and rainy these days...
Cute prints by Kecky.



Networking is always around and this time I found some cute tips from one of my favourite blogs, Design*Sponge. Take some time to read through Sara Rosso's Networking for designers. I'm sure it's gonna add up something new today. Feel inspired!

*pics from Flickr: Secret and Bike



I just found these super cute fairytale skirt at 11tyone which is totally to die for!
Her clothes come from the Netherlands... Isn't it just the cutest skirt ever?


Book Covers!

I just found these cute book covers by Lilly Blossom... ain't them just the cutest thing? It's so easy to carry your favourite books to the park or the beach! Available at dawanda.


Chewy Hippos!!

Ain't this cute little teething hippo toy the most adorable baby gift you could ever dream of??
Right there at little sapling toys etsy page.
Ah, did I forget to mention those are made from FSC certificated wood as well? Lovely!


Fly with me!

Lovely prints and originals from Carambatack's shop at Etsy...

The creator of these works is Annette, who lives in Norway and has also made some really cute magnets based on her illustrations!

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