New Year is comming!!
I loved this printable PDF calendar from Little Brown Pen, available at Etsy. The best part? Only $5.00!!



Ever heard of pearlfisher? This British agency designed some outstanding brand logos and developed graphic design, strategy and brand identity for some well-known brands, such as Jamie Oliver and This Water.

I loved these designs! They are so simple and yet show sheer brand passion and integration with their customers. Lovely labels as well!



I couldn't say I'm a carpet lover, but these two pieces are really something... I found these carpets and rugs at Madeline Weinrib Atelier, a nice place to browse something new for your house. I find specially charming the way she uses indian motifs on the rugs, making them almost ethnical.

She has also nice pillows, with lovely design and modern fabric patterns. Take a look!


Sustainable Cupcoats!

Cute fabric cupcoats available @ Wishing Fish to get rid of a lot of paper waste during the year. Quite chic to show off at the office runway...



Lovely blog I just stepped upon: Bloomacius has some nice selection of crafs, design pieces, food and fashion among other items. Reminds me a bit of Vogue magazine.


Holiday Gifts

Brand-new decoration pieces for your home from australian Bride&Wolfe.
Something nice for your house (or your friend's houses!) with a new year touch.



Today: handpicked hippo items from
Totally delicate hippo wall deco from sodeco.

Lovely pull hippo toy from Market Street. Check out their other lovely toys with patterns!

Stationery from Honey Bee Station.

Cute bags from Rohmer.

Stuffed blue hippo from Never Enough Hours.

Pink wool hippo from Viola Studio.

Lovely peasant top from Aliyah.

Hippo ponytail holders from Jack and Jane.



All my love to you! From Keep Calm Gallery.


Super-cute holiday tags from Pumpkin Card Company available at Etsy.

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