El Bulli

mini-asparagus with deconstructed mayonnaise

Ever since I heard for the first time from El Bulli I've been dying to go there. In 2006 it was chosen top #1 restaurant in the world by The Restaurant Magazine, with critics from over 500 specialists. Ferran Adrià was also elected #1 from the Ten Most Influential Chefs of the Last Ten Years at the Madrid Fusión Conference, 2006. The restaurant is already fully booked for this season 2007, before they close and go back to developing next season's menu. They have written the "Synthesis of our cusine", summing up in 23 items the basis of their work. It is surely worth reading. You can also take a closer look of some of the dishes served at El Bulli in the past years right here. Wow!

giant ravioli with chanterelles and blackcurrants

lotus flower chips

condensed milk cookie

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