The world at your fingers...

Microsoft Surface, the new release to be launched by the end of this year is already becoming a great hit. With its acrylic tabletop and powder-coated steel frame, Surface has a multi-touch display allowing multiple users to interact with the screen and even recognizing objects placed on them such as credit cards or cell phones, allowing, for example, transference of digital data.
It doesn't have a mouse or keyboard and can be used to organize photos and music, plan a sightseeing tour, compare different products on screen or to order your food with just a finger tap. The initial price is set between US$ 5.000.00 and 10.000.00, and their first clients are hotels and restaurants. This is the future, folks!
Check out the amazing video.
Easily place pictures and change their size with finger movement.
Order food or drinks with a tap.
Compare different products and prices.

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