A couple of years ago I've been to this incredible ceramic exibith here in Brazil at Museu da Casa Brasileira. Alongside with the exibith there was also a lecture and discussion over Máximo Soalheiro's work, which is made of pieces of ceramic stamped with metal types, the same ones which were early used to create prints.

His work is so poetic, although the mixture of typography, ceramic and tiles has such strenght!He has also developed some printed material, most of it based on the use of these printing metal types. Types such as blank pieces are seen from a different point of view, creating a truly innovative and artistic work.

I find it particulary interesting that his view on how handicraft and digital technologies is that they don't come from worlds apart; actually, his whole work affirms the opposite. Graphic arts and ceramics have roots in common. Specially in the hands of a masterful artist. Soalheiro has also a site, with lots of pictures of his work. Take a look right here!

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